Lots of love for ‘Gurglefirst’

Lots Of Love For ‘Gurglefirst’ !


  • “I absolutely love that” Mark Radcliffe – Radcliffe and Maconie BBC6Music
  • “I absolutely love it, you are going to hear a lot more of this lot. A brilliant album that I am really enjoying. Reminds me of everything from Seventh Wave to Prefab Sprout and Emerson Lake and Palmer.”
    Stuart Maconie – Freak Zone BBC Radio 6 Music October 2015
  • “Gurgles still aren’t afraid to swirl their myriad influences together in odd and sometimes incongruous ways to produce something that’s quite a headtrip. If progressive pop doesn’t yet exist as a concept, then Gurgles will surely be hailed at some point in the future as its exemplars. Twittery analogue synths float around shimmering pop harmonies, and there are some insistent grooves too”
    Whisperin’ and Hollerin’
  • ‘Fantastic band…Prog elements like Yes and Nice, dare I say it AOR elements, which are a really nice move like the McCartney 2 album, plus proggy math-rock mayhem. But it all fits
    together and its all really clever. Interesting poetic lyrics. Really impressed’
  • “These songs are clever – that is musically clever and lyrically clever – and make from their influences some poppy melodies driven by some frankly wonderful keyboard playing. This stuff is groovy”
    Local Sound Focus
  • “…the power of prog, the drama of opera and the AOR grooves of the 70’s and turns them on their head with a kind of left of field madness that Zappa would be proud of…Add to that poetic moments ala Terry Durham and free-jazz ala Nice…Well this is a bit special!” –
    Jumbo Records
  • “simultaneously enraging and brilliant” –
    Norman Records
  • ‘Gurglefirst? is a record that begs to be blasted, but don’t worry if you don’t have one of those expensive hi-fi’s it sounds just as good bleeding into your ears from a pair of cheap ear buds.’
    Finest Kiss, Seattle

‘Gurglefirst’ album out now!. – Ltd Vinyl / CD / Download – Fromhttps://gurgles.bandcamp.com/album/gurglefirst or Norman Records, Jumbo, Crash, Rough Trade, Triangle Shipley, Fuse Art Space, Bradford, Vinyl Tap Huddersfield, Piccadilly Records, Manchester or of course usual download places – Itunes / Amazon / Spotify and the rest…………..


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